Besan Coconut Ladoos with Pistachio


  • Weight: 125 gram (4 ladoos ) & 500 gram (16 ladoos) packs available
  • Ingredients: Besan, pure desi ghee, jaggery, dessicated coconut and pistachios
  • 100% jaggery used. No sugar
  • Contains pure ghee (clarified butter) and no Vanaspati ghee or preservatives
  • Keep in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate. Shelf Life: 3 months

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Made with besan, dessicated coconut and jaggery, this snack is nourising and nostalgic at the same time! Besan (chickpea) is a great source of protein, and like grandma made them, the Besan Coconut ladoos are delicious and indulgent, with a generous amount of pistachios. With 100% jaggery used, say goodbye to sugar and boost your energy guilt-free!

Ghee has a wide range of benefits, ranging from skin health to intestinal health. Part of our Indian diet since ancient times, the world is now waking up to its benefits and research shows that ghee is one of the healthiest ingredients available today.

1. Good for the gut: Ghee contains Butyrate – a short-chain fatty acid which soothes inflammation and helps maintain a healthy digestive tract

2. Loves your body: Ghee is rich in fat soluble vitamins, and in addition also helps your body abosorb vitamins from other foods

3. A power house: The fatty acids in ghee do not get stored as fat, but are used directly as a source of energy

Jaggery is a naturally derived sweetener and a common, ancient ingredient. It is rich in minerals, is a great source of good sugar and offers a variety of other health benefits

1. Great source of energy: Jaggery, unlike sugar, contains complex carbohydrates which get assimilated gradually, giving your body energy over a longer time. This avoids fluctuations in the blood sugar level

2. Great source of iron: Jaggery is rich in iron and other minerals, which help maintain healthy haemoglobin levels, good gut health and boost immunity

3. Your body detox: Jaggery helps clean your blood, lungs and liver of toxins, keeping you fresh and active all the time!

Besan is derived from chickpeas and is a great source of protein. Across the world, chickpea is gaining popularity as a healthier substitute for other flours – something our wise ancestors already knew

1. Body-building blocks: Proteins primarily help build our body and with higher protein content, besan offers lesser carbohydrates, making it a great, healthier alternative to other flours

2. Gluten free: Besan does not contain any gluten and is a great option for those seeking gluten free carbohydrates

3. Helps in weight loss: Since besan has a higher percentage of protein, naturally the fat and carbohydrate content is lesser, and also fills your stomach faster

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125 grams | 4 Ladoos, 500 grams | 16 Ladoos