Scruples is a brand of grain-based snacks from Wandering Foodie.

At Scruples, we take inspiration from ancient Indian recipes and present them with a modern tiwst. Since different types of grains have always been an essential part of the Indian diet, we are keen on bringing back this part of our ancestors’ diet.

Scruples products use only natural ingredients and no preservatives or artifical flavours or colours. We also use healthy ingredients like jaggery instead of sugar, and pure desi ghee instead of the commercially prevalent palmolein oil. Our seasoning for the crisps too, is made of the healthiest of ingredients, and as a result, leads to the most delicious flavours.

Our objective is to make snacking healthy and wholesome, by offering traditional Indian products with a twist so they appeal to today’s generation. All in all, we make your snacking guilt-free!

So go ahead, grab some Scruples!